Aims and Objectives

  1. To promote Dialogue among Tamils, Indian brothers and sisters with International community, business leaders and professionals worldwide to create close cooperation and partnership for economic development.
  2. To provide a Forum for Entrepreneurs, business leaders, professionals, self-employed youth, Innovative achievers to meet and discuss about business development, investment opportunities,Professional assignments for economic development and global cooperation.
  3. To bring policy makers, Government officials, Community leaders, Economists, Ministers, Heads of Governments to discuss on development for betterment of living style towards peace and communal harmony
  4. To get support and assistance from International Organizations, Global Institutions for economic development to create world peace
  5. Financial assistance for proiects and business development through Banks, Financial Institutions and Funding Agencies
  6. Poverty alleviation through Corporate SocialResponsibility - Assistance.
  7. To provide information and knowledge about the achievements and excellence of individuals and Institutions to create awareness for economic development
  8. To explore the opportunities to go for higher education, professional education, Research and Development for enrichment of knowledge towards economic development.
  9. To create awareness on employment opportunities, professional assignments for economic development.
  10. To educate and encourage women to take up independent business, professional assignments for economic development.
  11. To create networking among cultural organizations,Temple committees, Chamber of Commerce, NGOs for economic development and social networking
  12. To promote networking among professionals like Advocates, Architects, Chartered Accountants, Consultants, Doctors, Engineers, Managers and Teachers.
  13. To promote Business communication and professional ethics through Tamil language, literature and culture.
  14. To promote ethnic food, recipes to start Restaurants worldwide.
  15. To establish cultural centres and youth hostels worldwide.